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August 2015


From Chewing to Gratitude

One of the lifestyle changes I often tell my clients to undertake is the most simple one.  To chew their food. Properly. Mindfully and slowly. It is such a simple thing to change, yet hardest to remember (trust me – I…


Bitter Greens / Horta

I know an Italian woman who makes the most delicious rapini. Hers is just perfect – sweet and tangy and cooked to the right texture. So I tried to do the same. It wasn’t the same. When I made it,…


Late Summer Salad

How beautiful are these veggies? These come to me fresh from my sister’s garden. She has a nice big backyard that gets lots of sun – perfect for a little city garden. Growing your own food gives you a new…


Delicious Granola

Friends… Quick recipe for a tasty granola you can enjoy for breakfast…or anytime. You’re adults. You can have breakfast for dinner. You can add any nuts or seeds as you wish…pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans or cashews. You may…

Micro Interviews

Joanne Makwana

“My diagnosis with MS – that was really my tipping point. I was interested in health before but for all the wrong reasons. As women we are constantly bombarded with images as to how we are supposed to look…

Start Here

First of all…

…hi. Guys this is the first post. So what happens here is I vaguely tell you what you can expect from this League of Happy dot com.   WHY I believe that the health care system has to turn…