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Micro Interviews

Micro Interviews

Joanne Morgan

“I love when I see people come home to themselves. In that process they access their own wisdom, rather than somebody or something telling them. They actually find that within themselves and they learn to rely on themselves and…

Micro Interviews

Elisa Minniti-Colella

“Bring it back to basics. Don’t think so much. I over analyze things and I need to remember to breathe. I think it will all get taken care of. We can’t control things – so best to go with…

Micro Interviews

Dr. Maureen Borghoff

“Little kids inspire me to be more kid-like. People who will do anything for freedom, for love, for joy, for happiness. And that could be someone like, you know, the mom who leaves her country with her 2 little…

Micro Interviews

Leanne Weaver

“One of the things that started me off more intensely on the holistic nutrition lifestyle was green smoothies. I started making them every morning when I got a VitaMix and that totally changed my life. It’s a great way…

Micro Interviews

Jenna Pace

“My biggest hurdle is staying present and grounded. That is something I try and be aware of and try to acknowledge when I am not. I really learned the importance of that through the people I’ve met recently. I recently…

Micro Interviews

Stephanie Morrison

“I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s really just working with that client specifically and individually and making it personalized to them. It’s also about asking that person the right questions and listening. That is the beauty of holistic…

Micro Interviews

Sara Fennell

  “My definition of wellness has really changed a lot over the last 5 years. I use to focus on body image and fitness – mostly from a physical perspective. Now I care more about how I feel on…

Micro Interviews

Joanne Makwana

“My diagnosis with MS – that was really my tipping point. I was interested in health before but for all the wrong reasons. As women we are constantly bombarded with images as to how we are supposed to look…