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We are curious about nutrition and what the next super food might be to kick start or maintain our health. We want to know which supplements to take for a sharper brain, stronger muscles, and all the things that are…



  How nice would it be if everything was instant? Yet it is the waiting for that thing, that makes it. The great American poet Mary Oliver knows what’s up. Remember this: everything has its time. Its process. Its…


Thoughts / Intentions / Reality

As shitty as this might be to admit sometimes – I do believe it’s true. This actually reminds me of the book that I’m going to pick up next (will share that later!) We can absolutely change our perspective…



I have been talking a lot recently regarding following one’s bliss and what that means exactly. To me it means unstoppable freedom. It means fullness. It means creation on a whole new level. It means waking up and having…

natural eye make up remover home made

Home Made Eye Makeup Remover

I used to cringe each time I reached for my “blue” eye makeup remover. I know that all cosmetics penetrate the skin and end up in our blood stream, but something about putting that mysterious, odourless liquid, like basically…

purely great deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Hey LOH-vers! Let’s talk arm pits. I like to use all natural stuff in order to lessen the toxic load on my body. Especially when it comes to putting something so close to my arm pits (and my myriad…

life changing magic of tidying up


I’m not an untidy person to begin with but I definitely have a corner or two where I put miscellaneous things. Growing up, my sister indirectly taught me the important lesson of letting go of things…by throwing out my…


And so…

We have a choice each day as to what we want to achieve, be, do, have, not have, not do, not be, not achieve. Whatever way you slice it, you are the common denominator. You can blame circumstance, your…



  Hello my beautiful people! A little Thursday love. Change your thoughts, change your world. Wake up each day with joy and gratitude on top of mind and I promise you more smiles and happiness will find you. xo…


From Chewing to Gratitude

One of the lifestyle changes I often tell my clients to undertake is the most simple one.  To chew their food. Properly. Mindfully and slowly. It is such a simple thing to change, yet hardest to remember (trust me – I…