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Dr. Maureen Borghoff


“Little kids inspire me to be more kid-like. People who will do anything for freedom, for love, for joy, for happiness. And that could be someone like, you know, the mom who leaves her country with her 2 little girls because she knows there is something better and because it’s dangerous where she is. Or the people of Syria – people who are living in very, very awful situation but in spite of it all can still be happy and will still try and better their life. Those people are really inspiring. And people who smile. You know I could say there are lots of gurus that inspire me, or spiritual leaders that inspire me but they are just incarnates of all of that. All of us are here on a path to be heard, to be seen and to make a difference.”


“I will always get adjusted. Because I know the nervous system controls everything in our body. If the nervous system is not perceiving our body, our emotions and our spirit properly then we are going to be blocked. Unblocking – that is my first goal. Then everything else works that much better. Diet is also a very important. Eating clean and mindfully. Time alone and connecting with nature is the last of three. That could be exercising, walking, whatever that is…hugging a tree. Those are my key three things for wellness. I have lots of add ons, like doing personal psychotherapy work or reflexology or massage or any of those things – but those three are always, always in there.”


“It’s easy to get caught up in taking care of other people. Many of us forget that we can only take care of others by taking care of ourselves. Self-care is first. That was a hard one for me to learn. I started asking myself why I would rather give to other people than give to myself. That can be anywhere from taking time for yourself, to choosing how you use your time, to always putting you first in your calendar. Everything just flows that much better. I got burnt out pretty early on in my career. I started to get tired and not love what I did. I started to really dislike people. I didn’t feel happy. I didn’t feel connected to my soul purpose and my soul life of what I was suppose to be doing. That really promoted me to figure out what was going on. If you don’t have any juice in your tank, you won’t really be able to give to other people.”


“Self love. Another ongoing lesson related to self-care. When you don’t love yourself it becomes a very difficult life. And you might hide it, but inside it’s eating you up. So for me it was realizing how to love even the places that I didn’t really like about myself. It was just accepting parts of me that I loved and also hated. I learned that I could love other people’s parts so much, even when they don’t like them. So I am learning to like all of my parts. When you get really into the spiritual part of that, you realize that any negativity that you put out there is only coming back to the world. And the world doesn’t need any more of that.”


“What comes up is all kinds of good stuff, bad stuff. But really it was the pain. That really influenced my life in a good way. And I am not talking about physical pain, I am talking emotional pain. I think it was realizing that the world isn’t always what you think it is. I was fairly intuitive as a child and knowing that my family unit was dissolving. I had the knowing of that as it was happening, but I didn’t know how to process it. I think there was a pain of going through all of that which resulted in confidence issues within me. Self hatred and all of those negative things, I think influenced me so much that they actually brought me to where I am now. And it’s such a blessing. It really is such a blessing because I wouldn’t be anything that I am now.”


“I have a father who is very self-centred but I came to this realization just a few weeks ago as to why I am who I am. Him being so self-centred and so boisterous about his opinions made me a shy, very quiet girl. I never said anything. But what that did for me is, it allowed me to learn how to listen. And really listen to people. And I think that’s one gift I can really own and that has influenced me so much. I really want people to be heard, because I don’t think I was ever heard as a little girl. So thanks dad.”


“I love seeing people soar. I like to see people happy in their lives. And to me that is the most satisfying. When people open up and get something about themselves that they never got or they start to live their dream or their purpose or even make a little realization about what happiness is for them – that is the most satisfying thing for me. And at the same time it’s when I am with people and listening to them. I love listening to them. I think the healing comes from the listening more than anything else. The answers are there – they know the answers. So that’s why I shut up most of the time. Although sometimes I do open my mouth a little too much. I think it’s easy for me to give the answer, or what I think is the answer, but I’d rather see them realize it. And I love seeing kids too. I just enjoy that when they are getting adjusted – really their potential is being amplified that much more. They are aligning themselves to life.”


“One of the most amazing experiences with a client was with a little 4 year old boy. All kids love to get adjusted, by the way. Up until about 7 years of age. Then they will rebel a little bit. Anyway, after this boy got adjusted, his mommy asked him why he likes to get adjusted. He said, because I love you more mommy. Isn’t that amazing? Even if the kids or parents don’t get it, we have no idea what’s going on in that adjustment that they love you more. Because when you are blocked you can’t come from that spot at all. Alignment in us, is alignment in divine.”


“It’s a journey. It’s never going to be perfect – or maybe it is perfect in it’s imperfection. And that really it’s about having a vision of your commitment to yourself. Know that there will be hard times and good times, and hard times, and good times…but even in the hard times you can still smile. You can still give thanks and you can still be. And you are here. And it really isn’t that bad – especially if you’re in North America. We have a lot to be thankful for. And it’s ok. Laugh.”

“Look at those trees. They have so much knowledge and energy to give us and they can inspire us completely. And they – and nature is such a good reflection of our own cycles – in a couple of weeks this will be orange and red, and then brown, and then nothing, and then it will be white, and then all of a sudden the birds will come back and the trees will start to get this brilliant green. And you are in the cycle again. Life is seasons. You are always going through the seasons too. And that tree even in the shit of winter doesn’t complain. It’s just there.”


“I am most grateful for my wellbeing – physically, emotionally, spiritually. My husband. My family. My friends. I am grateful for being able to live my life purpose. And for incarnating at this time. Because I really think there is a reason for it and I think it’s bigger than what I know.”


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    November 10, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Thank you for sharing this brilliant interview, League of Happy! Dr.Maureen is one special lady, her beauty just shines.

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