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Elisa Minniti-Colella

“Bring it back to basics. Don’t think so much. I over analyze things and I need to remember to breathe. I think it will all get taken care of. We can’t control things – so best to go with the flow. And that takes lots of practice. Bring yourself back and just trust the universe to have your back.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella

“I don’t like saying just stay positive. I feel like that is so over done and over played. I try to put a new spin on it. Everything is here to teach you, not to punish you. It did not show up in your life to kill you or to make you work harder. It’s here as a lesson. So you can say something like ok, this is here in my life so let me take a look and appreciate it and why it’s here. Don’t push anything away.”


Elisa Minniti-Colella

“It all started 6 years ago when I met my husband. I met him at his restaurant. We automatically clicked. Everything was going well. But then I started having these feelings that I needed to break up with him. I was overcome with depression. I left work for 2 weeks. I would sit it in my room and cry. I went to see my doctor. He gave me antidepressants. I took 2 pills and they were making me drowsy so I stopped. I still thought that I should break up but I was madly in love. I didn’t really know what was going on. My mom was very worried about me. One day she was looking through the local newspaper and she found an article that was written by a life coach named Timothy. She showed it to me and said maybe he could help you. I did see a psychologist as well and it was the typical what you see in movies like “how did that make you feel.” It didn’t work for me. So I made an appointment with Timothy. So we talked and that turned into sessions and sessions and sessions. He would you go through a series of questions. I would have to answer them and not think about my answer. Just say the first thing that comes to mind.

How do you feel about having kids?
Where do you see yourself and your husband in 5 years?
What would happen if you didn’t have kids?
Do you want to buy a house?
What does owning a house entail?
What would happen if you didn’t take care of the house?

We went on and on like this and finally I said you need both parents to be there to have a nice house! My dad left when I was very young. I was terrified that this man is so good, too good to be true, that I need to break up before anything further happened. I felt like I’m a child of my father and I’m going to cheat and I’m going leave. Timothy changed my life.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella

“I am most grateful for my experiences. I feel like I got the opportunity to experience things that have led me to learn about the universe. Had I not experienced those things, I wouldn’t know about energy and the universe and how things work. I believe we are responsible for our own destiny. I can control my emotions. I can control who enters my life.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella“I met my dad again after 18 years. I was on my honeymoon in Italy, where he lives. It was interesting. But I came to realize that he actually doesn’t know better. He maybe deserves another chance. And maybe in the next life he will come back a little bit more intelligent. A better person. He didn’t do too well this time around. But that’s none of my business really. He did what he thought was ok. I can be a better parent than him. And it takes a lot of forgiveness – and not for him but for me. I need to move on. No sense in my hoarding this energy for him.”

“Timothy has influenced my life so much that I don’t remember what I was like before meeting him. He is who I aspire to be. I want to bring life coaching into my practice so I give him a lot of credit. But if he heard me say that he would disagree. He would say no, that was all you. I just guided you.”



“I used to cut hair. I wasn’t happy and decided to go back to school. I had applied to York and was about to start when my mom got diagnosed with colon cancer. So I had to leave so that I could take her to her appointments. She needed to have surgery and I needed to take her to chemo twice a week – there was a lot going on. I was still unhappy in me career. I started getting into nutrition and wellness. I had actually lost 50 lbs. so I was already eating well. I was over 200 pounds at one time. Then Timothy mentioned holistic nutrition and suggested I look at IHN. I researched the school and enrolled last September. I just graduated.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella

“Holistic nutritionists can change people’s lives.  You can take someone that has hit rock bottom and bring them back into alignment. And through many different ways. Through food, through spirituality, through body, through exercise…whatever avenue you take you can help change people’s lives.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella

“I have that little voice in my head – we all do. The ego. And when you hear that voice and it’s barking, well that’s your ego. You can name it. Give it a name and say okay Christina, have your say, let it out honey, let it out. Thank you. But unfortunately that’s not the way it’s going to go. That’s not going to work for me. I know it’s going to come out again and it’s ok. But when that little voice comes, like a soft whisper, that one is different. It’s calm. It’s reassuring. It makes you feel good. That is your soul. Your heart. Listen to that one.”

Elisa Minniti-Colella“I thought I was going to live the same life my mom did. I thought I was a mini her. I thought I was going to be divorced, with kids, a single mom struggling. And as much as I love her, you always want to create a better life for yourself. I didn’t imagine my life to be successful and so happy. In love. Everyday that goes by I still can’t believe this is happening. I am working to become an entrepreneur. My husband is an entrepreneur. We are each others support and I never imagined that would have happened”

“My husband teaches me. Growing up my mom didn’t cook because we lived with our grandparents. They took care of us and my mom would go to work. So she never really had the need to learn to cook. My grandparents would do that and so I never learned either. My husband teaches me how to cook. He teaches me to not leave the cereal bowl in the sink. He makes things really easy. For me things are sometimes complicated, like I got to do this, I have to do that and I have to do laundry. And he’s like just put a load in, come upstairs and do this and that. He just makes everything so easy. He wakes up and he’s whistling right away. Who wakes up so happy? He inspires me to be happier. I used to look at life like it’s so hard – life is not hard. It’s a beautiful thing. You have two legs you can walk. He’s one of those. He really inspires me to be a better person.”


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