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Leanne Weaver


“One of the things that started me off more intensely on the holistic nutrition lifestyle was green smoothies. I started making them every morning when I got a VitaMix and that totally changed my life. It’s a great way to start your morning. I just found it gives me so much energy – I’m addicted to them. I lost 15lbs when I started drinking green smoothies – that wasn’t a goal but it just happened. I didn’t consciously change anything else in my life, like food or exercise, other than adding the green smoothies. I still have a big mason jar of green smoothie everyday and that is my breakfast.”


“Gratitude. Being grateful for everything that you have in your life even when you feel like there isn’t much to be grateful for. Each day I write 3-5 things I am grateful for; some days are just really simple little things, and other days I ramble on and on. I use to jot stuff down on my phone, but now I’ve started to actually write them down in a journal. I do it to release what is bothering me or to figure things out. I hear that voice of my inner spirit when I write.”


“I am spiritual and I believe in gratitude and in a higher power, whether it be God or Universe or spirit or whatever. It’s good to be aware and the more you tap into that the more you see things falling into place. Synchronicities will happen that lead you to where you are meant to go.  You might not necessarily know it, but if you trust it, amazing things will happen.”


“The first time I did a full cleanse was with a naturopath. That was early on in my health journey. It felt amazing to get all the toxins out of my body and to eat clean for 3 whole weeks. You really need that time to know what it feels like to just clean out your system. I began to think clearer and have more energy. When you go through a clean eating period like that you learn to listen to your body and what it craves. You don’t have to be perfect, just do it in moderation. If you choose to have something that might not be the healthiest choice for you, do it. Enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty and then move on.”


“I always thought I would have a more traditional, successful career. I saw myself climbing the corporate ladder. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur and I never really thought I’d be helping people live happy, healthy lives. I love teaching people to get a handle on stress and realize what’s really important in their lives. Not to get so wrapped up into things that ultimately don’t matter. I realized corporate life no longer fulfills me. I now know what my passion is and I know what I want to do.”Leanne Weaver

“I am still working as a project manager as I transition and I still bring everything to my job. It’s changed though. I don’t feel stressed out anymore. I take it for what it is and don’t worry about corporate politics. It helps to have that kind of attitude. I see a difference in people around me. We are in the same environment, doing the same job and people get so stressed out. I love the people I work with and I don’t let things bother me. I just find that draws good vibes to me.”


“It seems like second nature to me now but my life is surrounded by happy, positive people. I already did the relationship detox of anyone that doesn’t lift me up. I am all about being happy and focusing on good stuff.”

“People who live a life they love inspire me. Those that are happy and do what they really want to do. Those that are happy in their relationships, in their career and they don’t worry about what people think of them.”

“It’s all about understanding and knowing what makes you happy and then doing it. Even if it’s a huge risk. For example to leave a corporate job to build a business, and making that decision that like Hey this isn’t really serving me anymore, it’s time to do something new. Something that I know will make me happy and more fulfilled. You have to put yourself out there and you have to trust that you are here for a purpose. Once you get on a path to understanding and really knowing what that is, your life will guide you in your direction.”Leanne_weaver

“It was a nice hobby but I wasn’t able to see how it could be a full time job. I went to a couple of Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s open houses. I was totally inspired. I heard what some of the graduates were up to. It was amazing. I thought maybe I could do it part time. I didn’t know how I was going to manage – I have a dog and how will I spend 2 nights a week going to school on top of everything else. There is another school that offers a nutrition program online so I thought I would enrol there and do it online. I went to a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods park with Sarah Britton, (who is a graduate of IHN – she’s awesome). I chatted with her and a couple of other girls that had just graduated, about the program. They just raved about IHN, and said you have to do it in person, you have to experience it and meet the people and have that in-class interaction. One of them was an engineer like me! I thought if she can do it why can’t I. That was literally a week before I started.”


“Danielle LaPorte really inspires. I lead her Desire Mapping workshops. Her work, especially her Desire Map, has really influenced my life and made a positive impact. I now focus on how I want to feel. Really going deep and letting that drive everything I do in my life. It gives me a different perspective on things. From making your goals, to what you do during the day. Understanding what makes you happy and being conscious of that everyday. It works because you are putting yourself first and you are also putting the feeling before the thing. Instead of saying: I want a new car or I want this high paying job. You stop and ask why? What do you want to feel? Is it success? What is it?”


“I always wanted to be healthy but I didn’t always know what that meant. There are so many myths out there: low fat, carbs, no carbs, low carbs, etc. I didn’t really follow anything per se but I just didn’t know any better. I went to see my naturopath 6 or 7 years ago. I went just for fun, cause my friends were going. I really felt the difference after that, and slowly I began to incorporate eating better more and more into my life. Then I began to learn more and more and read more and more. And the more I learned the more I wanted to know.”

“I am leaning towards the emotional and spiritual side of healing and really incorporating that into the nutrition bit. For me it’s all about the vibrational energy that is in the foods. Everything is connected.”

“I want to feel connected, especially with the people in my life. Radiant. To have that positive energy within me so that it’s contagious. So it radiates out and inspires people. Bliss. It’s kind of like happiness but a step above. It’s like nothing can get through that – nothing can penetrate when you are feeling blissful. Light. In terms of having nothing heavy weighing me down. For example not having toxic people, food or space in my life.”

“I am working through the clutter. I am working through releasing all emotions that no longer serve me. Also getting out of the past. There is so much energy wasted when you spend your time thinking about the past. Just release, release, release. Lighten yourself up.”



Connect with Leanne here: radianthealthrevolution.com

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