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Stephanie Morrison


“I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s really just working with that client specifically and individually and making it personalized to them. It’s also about asking that person the right questions and listening. That is the beauty of holistic nutrition – we make very individual protocols and assessments on people. As a holistic nutritionist I see myself as a servant to others. And I can’t serve unless I really listen and I find out what their needs are specifically to them. It’s important they feel heard. They are coming to me because they haven’t felt heard.”


“I think the biggest misconception about us as holistic nutritionist is that we are perfect. That our health is figured out, our exercise, our stress management, our food intake…everything is perfect. I am glad I inspire people that way, but I also want people to know that I am human as well. I have my own obstacles and my own wellness challenges that I’ve overcome.”


“I am grateful that we get to live in the country that we live in. I’ve done a lot of travelling to other countries and I’ve volunteered for a while in Kenya. Just seeing what they endure I am grateful for just having the basic necessities. I didn’t shower for 3 weeks when I was there. And seeing that these kids don’t ever get to shower just breaks your heart.”

“I love what I do. I am passionate and I work very hard. Sometimes I get into a creative zone and I let it flow and sometimes I push myself to the burnt out stage. Knowing to give myself that break, to not feeling guilty and to take time out is important. That’s why I do yoga and that’s why I am a yoga teacher. I turn to yoga and meditation and it has been my absolute saviour in life. It gives me the ability to disconnect with the outside and connect with myself. When I hit my mat I am home. It’s such a beautiful feeling. I try and explain that to people but until you experience that in your practice it’s hard to put into words.”


“I am grateful to work in this field where we are meant to heal. I think there is a big shift right now where the universe is calling for more healers. To have that opportunity is so fulfilling over anything else.”



“I just got off a call with a client who has been seeing another practitioner for 6 months and hasn’t seen any improvement. She was put on a menu plan with white rice and just really poor quality foods. It felt amazing to chat with her because she felt heard. She actually thanked me at the end saying that she really cares about her health and about the quality of the health care she receives. She just needed someone to hear her out.”

“I always imagined myself in the business field, corporate businesswoman. I saw myself wearing a suit to work everyday, climbing the ladder and being super successful. At my first job out of university I was in a goal coaching session and we had to rate different areas of our life. Making a difference was one of the areas and I remember rating it at a 2. I remember crying – I had a complete break down. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives at all. That’s when my big shift happened.”

“It wasn’t about being super successful and making lots of money. Anyway you define your success and what success means – that’s been a huge learning for me. Yes you want to make a good income but you define it. So that’s where I am at now. I use to see my life as being successful, making lots of money, having a big house and working in the business world. And now what makes me happy is finding my purpose and my calling. How can I contribute and how can I make a difference? That’s how I define success now.”

“Everyone in my family inspires me. I’ve taken a little bit from each of them and that has helped me grow. My brother, he’s an innovator. He’s VP of innovation and strategy for a bank and he is so out there in his creativity. He helps me a lot in my business. I am inspired by his ideas and his creativity. My mom inspires me because she is a nurse. I’ve gone on to her floor before and the other nurses have told me me that my mom is the most caring. She has dedicated her whole life helping others. My dad inspires me because he’s an entrepreneur and my sister because she’s a mom and she’s so passionate about kids. My fiancee is my biggest inspiration of all! His love for golf as a sport and that he is making a life around it is so admiring and it shows the value of passion that we both share!



Connect with Stephanie here: stephaniemorrison.org

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